Our Design Principles

We have always been particularly inspired by the mid century Modernism era and in particular the 'Case Study Houses' in California during the 1940-1960's. The ground breaking and non-traditional use of industrial and commercial materials to achieve light and transparent structures. This in conjunction with the our love of new materials, textured surfaces and overall simplicity has been for us an obvious starting point.

Couple this with a desire to build smarter and faster has led us to designing a modular building system using prefabricated components and new technologies. This system has allowed us to provide a building platform that is both strong and with extensive use of glass creates a lightness of structure that allows for a more informal living environment.

For all inquiries within the Christchurch area, we offer a complete architectural design service through to council consent, plus construction and project management. For the rest of New Zealand we manage the project through to council consent then source a building/project management company within your area to complete your project.

Currently the cost to build within the Christchurch area ranges between $2000 - $3500 per square meter. This variance depends on the level of finish of your project as we do provide a shell only option through to a fully completed home.